New Investment Risk Analyzer Software (it’s super cool)

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                While I was in the middle of building the Buddha Suite of software, (, I was moved to create an investment risk tolerance program-Buddha Risk Analyzer (

                To try the Risk Analyzer program yourself, click on the following link:

                To watch a video of how the user backend works (it’s slick), click on the following link: 

                What does Buddha Risk Analyzer do?

                It runs users (clients/potential clients) through a series of questions in an effort to determine their “real” tolerance for losing money in the stock market (Their risk tolerance).

                After researching what many consider the #1 product in the marketplace, I came to the conclusion that it had the following flaws:

-Not real world
-Not easy to use
-Doesn’t integrate with a CRM
-there is no sales output-Buddha Risk Analyzer has a really nice 3-page output for users.

                Why use this program? Marketing, marketing, marketing. It’s a great way to grow an email list organically. The program will help you gather important information you can use to target market consumers.

                Avoid lawsuits-with the DOL fiduciary regulations, using a risk analyzer program is an absolute MUST. Every client should use this program and a copy of their data and 3-page output should be saved in a CRM system forever. Doing this will help protect advisors if clients ever question their recommendations.

                Who should use the program?

                Insurance agents-because the program uses real world numbers, the outcome most of the time will be that 20-50% of the money for most users should be allocated to conservative tools such as FIAs or IUL.

                Financial planners-this program is a no brainer for financial planners to use. The data will help financial planners pick suitable investments and avoid liability.

                What’s it going to cost to use this program? For the first 100 advisors who sign up, I’m going to offer it at 50% off the retail price. So, it will cost you only $25 a month.

                Why such a low price point? Because I want every advisor to use this as a marketing tool and lawsuit avoidance tool. Advisors in general are frugal (cheap) and I didn’t want them to have an excuse to say no.

The program looks fabulous on mobile which is important today.

                Order Form

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