Asset Protection – Powerful Marketing Without Pushing Products

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Affluent clients-with the corona crash and the average person worried about their next paycheck, the clients you want to go after are the affluent. They have money and using asset protection as your hook, you will have a great shot at picking them up (I know because I’ve been doing so successfully for over twenty years).

Why is asset protection such a powerful marketing tool?

-You are NOT pushing products.
-You are solving problems other advisors don’t know exist or ignore.

Why else? Because everything you want to discuss with clients can be done so through the lens of asset protection.

What do clients need protection from? There are four key creditors that can take their money:

                1) Negligence lawsuits
                2) The IRS (your #1 guaranteed creditor every year)
                3) The stock market is a creditor (losing money in crashes)
                4) Long-term care costs in retirement

Whether you are selling FIAs or IUL, single premium life for LTC, or trying to pick up AUM, you can do so in stealthy manner using the concept of asset protection.

Be a problem solver not a product pusher

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