Avoid Your Biggest Marketing Mistake—Use the New OnPointe E-Newsletter System (with content)

I’ve said for years that the #1 biggest marketing mistake advisors make is not sending systematic “educational” e-newsletters to clients, potential clients, and potential referral sources.

To learn more about the NEW OnPointe E-newsletter system (including watching an overview video of how it works) that comes with my twice-a-month newsletters, click on the following link:


Why send educational newsletters?

1) To touch clients on a consistent basis-there are many studies done that suggest that advisors should be touching clients and potential clients X amount of times per month. I suggest that advisors touch people at least twice a month (which can easily be done by sending e-newsletters).

2) To show value-it’s vitally important in sales to offer real value so you are seen NOT as a sales person, but as a problem solver. When you put forth “quality” content in e-newsletters, your value can shine through.

3) To generate interest/business-this is the most motivating reason to send e-newsletters, i.e. you want people to take an interest in the topics covered and reach out to you for more information.

Excuses why advisors DON’T send e-newsletters?

1) I don’t have the time
2) I don’t have the technology
3) I don’t have the content
4) I don’t want to spend the money

With the new OnPointe E-newsletter system, these excuses are now GONE!

How does OnPointe E-mail work?

1) Advisors are set up with their own unique e-mail system.

2) Advisors can load as many email addresses as they like.*

3) Advisors can send as many e-newsletters as they’d like.

4) The system tracks who opens them, if they clicked on anything in the newsletter, etc.

Uniqueness of OnPointe E-mail

1) Twice a month client newsletters are provided-there are many content providers advisors use to send e-newsletters to clients. To date, I’ve talked with many advisors who use such content and they all say the same thing: the content is boring and non-motivational.

With OnPointe E-mail, I personally create unique educational/motivational content twice a month to send out. Keep in mind I’ve published six books for consumers and those books are used by many advisors to educate and motivate potential clients to work with them. It works and my newsletter content will do the same.

Twice a month I load newsletters into the system that automatically appear in your system. You can use them as is or edit them before sending.

2) The system comes with an e-mail cleaner-this is really cool. When you load emails into the program it checks them to determine if they are good or bad email addresses (you’d be surprised at how many email addresses you are using that are bad).

3) SEC/FINRA compliant-in order to put forth “compliant” newsletters I enlisted the help of a top notch compliance firm. The head of the firm is Jeffrey Smith, JD, LLM, IACCP®, CRCP®, CRM®, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Legal Officer & Chief Compliance Officer.

The compliance firm Jeff heads up is made up of a team of experts that rivals any large B/D and certainly that of any RIA. With his firm scrubbing the newsletters, there is little doubt they will be “compliant” in the eyes of any B/D or RIA’s compliance department.

To download a summary of the compliance guidelines used to review my e-newsletters, click on the following link:


   What topics are covered in the provided e-newsletters?

The topics covered will be quite diverse and will cover: asset protection, estate planning, long-term care, Medicaid, Medicare, life insurance (all types), annuities, investment risk, corporate structure, buy/sell planning, health insurance, charitable planning, college planning, mortgages, disability, deferred compensation, and the list goes on.

Cost? Are you ready? A whopping $50 a month. My newsletter content alone is worth more than $50 a month.

You want to get it for FREE? I have a handful of sponsors who, if you are working with them, will pay for your use of the e-newsletter system.


With the rollout of the OnPointe E-mail System, advisors no longer have ANY excuse not to send twice-a-month newsletters to clients, potential clients, and potential referral sources, thereby avoiding making one of the biggest marketing mistakes in our industry today.

*We do not allow advisors to upload purchased lists in the OnPointe e-mail system.

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