Through the Wealth Preservation Institute, advisors have the ability to allow licensed advisors to give 30+ hours of CPE credit seminars to CPAs/accountants/EAs.

The retail price to be able to offer such credits is $2,500, and you can obtain this powerful marketing tools for FREE through the IMO Roccy DeFrancesco is affiliated with

Many advisors have made millions of dollars network marketing with CPAs.

When working with in the CPA space, you will be absolutely unique in your local area by being able to give CE credits to CPAs on a whole variety of important topics, many of which will be income producing due to the fact that they use life insurance and annuities.

There is no better way to lift your credibility with CPAs than to be the “expert” giving them CPE seminars.

            Unlimited amount of Seminars

With this marketing platform, you will be able to give 30+ hours of CPE credits to an unlimited number of CPAs.

-You can choose to give weekly seminars for CPAs in the morning for 1-2 hours one day a week in the CPA office prior to work.

-You can choose to go in over lunch and give CPAs an hour of CPE credit to those who attend.

– You can choose to put on half- or even full-day CPE seminars for those CPAs looking to fulfill their CPE requirements in a short period of time.

          If you want to build a powerful referral network of CPAs/accountants/EAs, there is no better way to do so than to be the “expert” giving them continuing education seminars.