Use New Online Budgeting App to Pick up New Clients

What are the best marketing tools? 1) Simple; 2) Powerful; 3) Inexpensive

Our new app checks all three boxes! The app allows data to be saved and updated and advisors can give it away for FREE to current clients and use it for lead gen to bring in new clients.

To try the app like a consumer would, click on the following link:

                To watch an overview video of how the app works, click on the following link (or image):


When I was creating my new 10-module online financial literacy course, it quickly became clear to me that the average client consumer needs a budget if they have any chance of saving the maximum amount of money for retirement. To learn more, about the online financial literacy course, click on the following link:

Without a budget, how will clients

-know what they are spending money on and how much?
-know where they are wasting money?
-know how much they are capable of saving for retirement?

The answer is, they can’t!

Why don’t clients keep a budget?

1) It’s a pain in the neck
2) They don’t want to allocate the time
3) They have no idea how important a budget is to their financial well-being

How does our new online budget app help?

1) It’s online, not on paper
2) It can be saved and updated

The app allows clients to spend 5 minutes a few times a week if they want to when they are initially setting up their data (meaning they are not forced to sit down for an hour or so to knock it out).

Because the data is saved, once set up, clients can go back in after every month and input “real” data to create not just a hypothetical budget, but a real budget.

Why should advisors care?

Because a client who has a budget will better understand their money and will be able to better budget saving money for retirement (cash value life, flexible premium annuities, AUM).

Because the app is super cool and will make for a nice value-added tool for current clients and it will be a nice lead gen tool.

If you are interested in using our new app, send me an email and I’ll get you more information.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP