Thank you for your interest in the Fixed Income Annuity (FIA)-Guaranteed Income Benefit (GIB) Rider Software.  If you are selling FIAs with an income rider using this calculator/illustration system is a must.

The calc. works on virtually any FIA in the industry (including the increasing income rider products).

The software not only tells you the income that the client would receive, but it also show the client the “actual” account balance in the annuity in any given year (with and/or without the rider fee).

With this software you can communicate the value of the GIB rider in a unique way that we can guarantee you will help you sell more annuities.

You can buy access to this calc. for $500 a year or you can get it for FREE by working with the IMO Roccy DeFrancesco is affiliated with. To get access to this software for FREE, contact To download the order form to pay for this calc., please click here.

Look at the power of illustrating the increasing income product. Chart 1 shows the income increasing with a hypothetical return and Chart 2 shows the actual account balances with the fees in any given year. To learn more about the increasing income FIA-GIB rider product, please click here.