New HEAP Mobile APP

We are very excited to bring to advisors our NEW HEAP (Home Equity Acceleration Plan) mobile app.

To learn more about HEAP and this new mobile app, click on the following link:

What is the app?

It’s the full blow HEAP illustration software on a mobile app.

Why is it a great marketing tool?

Advisors are given their own “unique” landing page for the web that can be given to clients, potential clients, family, friends, etc.¬† The goal with the app is to get hundreds if not thousands signing up to get the $9.99 app from your site.

When friends, clients, others forward you HEAP app website to others, you will have people you don’t know showing up in the back-end of the site.¬† Why is this a good thing? Because you will add those new people to your email drip system so you can try to turn them into real clients as you send them systematic e-newsletters (if you are not sending weekly e-newsletters, click here to learn about our e-newsletter system).

How can you get your own HEAP site to give the mobile app away for free?

Email to express your interest and we’ll setup a call with someone who can go over the system and how you can get access to it.

What does a typical HEAP app landing page look like?