Attorneys are an untapped market I intend to help financial planners and insurance agents get access to.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD
Co-Author: 21st Century Attorney

Leads, leads, leads….that’s what everyone wants.

Leads just don’t show up out of thin air. You have to do something to make them appear.

Over the years some advisors have had success marketing to CPA firms to generate leads.

What virtually no one is doing (until now) is generating leads from attorneys/law firms.

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Attorneys are struggling—most people think that attorneys are doing well financially. The fact of the matter is that many of them are not. Ask any state Bar association and they will tell you that many of their members are struggling.

Valparaiso School of Law (Roccy’s law school) is closing its doors after over 100 years in operation. If that doesn’t tell you something, it should.

With struggles comes opportunity—for years attorneys were not open to idea of adding “other” services to help their clients. The fact that the ABA (American Bar Association) frowned on offering other services to clients didn’t help either.

Today, attorneys are increasingly more open to figuring out ways to help clients and add additional revenue to the law firm.

Roccy’s book, co-authored by Harry Barth, JD, 21st Century Attorney explains to attorneys the multi-disciplinary practice of law (MDPL) model. It’s been around for years but few firms have implemented it.

The book was co-authored by Harry Barth, JD, an attorney in California who has perfected the MDPL. He has an RIA with over $200 million and helps clients with life insurance and annuities.

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Once you read the book you will understand the huge opportunity to market the platform to attorneys.

Two law firms already on boardHarry Barth has already taken the 21st Century Attorney model and has signed up two law firms to use the model. 

Because both Harry and Roccy are attorneys and are co-authors of the only book in the industry that teaches attorneys about the MDPL, they are uniquely positioned to help local financial planners and insurance agents bring local law firms on board.

What are you going to do different this year to grow your business?

If you are like most, you don’t really know what to do to really grow your business. One way you can surely grow your business is by having Roccy and Harry help you bring on board one or more local law firms to work with. Having a vested partner in the form of a local law firm will bring in many high quality referrals and will help the law firm as much as it will be helping you.

Getting Startedto get started, sign up for more information on the platform using the link above and also click on the link to download the book. Once you read the book the light bulb will go on and you’ll be eager to start approaching local law firms about the opportunity.