Market to CPAs by Giving CPE Credits (in person and self-study)

                In this newsletter I’m going to talk about giving continuing education credits to CPAs/EAs/Accountants. If you would like more information on how you can offer CPE credits, click on the following sign up link:

                Working with CPAsmost advisors want to work with CPAs. Why? Because CPAs are the gateway to clients (and potentially affluent ones). If you can gain the trust of CPAs, they will refer you to clients who they think you can help.

The problem with trying to work with CPAs is that it’s not easy. Here are the typical road blocks:

1) it’s tough to get in front of them

2) it’s tough for them to see you as something other than a product peddler or someone who just wants to pick up AUM.

CPE credits are your gateway to CPAsall CPAs have annual continuing education requirements. None of them like getting their credits because it’s time consuming and the material is the same boring stuff each year.

How do advisors 1) get in front of CPAs; and 2) do so with credibility so they will want to refer clients. The simple solution for how advisors can get in front of CPAs in really what is the most credible manner is by being able to offer them continuing education credits (CPE).

40+ hours of CPE credits

                My Wealth Preservation Institute is certified by NASBA (a national governing body for CPE) to give over 40 hours of in-person education to CPAs. I can designate any advisor I believe is fit to give 1 hour or 40+ hours of CPE credit seminars to CPAs.

My preference with in person seminars is to give a series of one -hour seminars over a series of weeks. It gets you ongoing face time which will help generate referrals.

33 hours of self-study

                I’m very excited to announce for the first time that we recently got the Medicaid Planning Guidebook approved for 33 hours of self-study credit. This is great for those of you in the senior market.

We have a voucher system where advisors can give a voucher to CPAs to obtain the self-study credit.

Credibility booster-while actually going in and doing CPE seminars will certainly get you where you want to go, there is a lot of marketing mojo you can generate by simply telling clients and potential clients that you are qualified to give CPE seminars-the point being that there is no downside to getting set up to offer CPE seminars to CPAs.

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Roccy DeFrancesco, JD