Thank you for your interest in our new marketing tool. It can be used to help advisors sell EIUL, FIAs, and/or pick up AUM using the platform.

To order this unique online marketing system or to obtain more information, e-mail

The following are  screen shots of a simple but powerful online marketing platform

Once someone fill out a form on any of the pages of this new online based marketing tool, their information is e-mailed to you and is loaded in a CRM system.

Having a first class web-site is important (click here to learn about my templated web-site), but as things become more competitive, it’s also important to have a web-basd tool that has a strong call to action (and my new marketing tool certainly has that).

Screen ShotsThe folllowing are screeen shots of the various web-page that make up the new marketing tool. Advisors can choose to use all of the pages, some of the pages, or just the front page and fulfillment page. 

Front page screen shot (this can be customized as needed). The bottom of this page and some of the others has been cut off a bit due tot he size of the screen shot I was able to take. 


-The flowing is a screen shot of the fulfillment page. This is the page someone signing up will be taken to no matter which form they fill out.

fulfillment_page_600-The following screen shots are the embedded pages that can be accessed by clicking on the links at the top of the front page of the site (titles Guaranteed Income, Retiring Without Risk, Bad Advisors).