New Online Lead Gen Tool Hits the Market-It’s Powerful and Affordable

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                Try the online lead gen tool yourself-you can try it (as if you are a consumer) RIGHT NOW by clicking on the following link:

                Leads, leads, leads!-what does everyone want? More leads. But leads are harder than ever to come by.

Most advisors have come to the conclusion that old school marketing techniques are not working very well. Most also know that while seminars can work, they are expensive and they don’t work as well as they used to.

Online leads  

                What has perplexed most advisors (including myself) over the last few years is what to do about online marketing. Many people, myself included, think the marketing of the future will mainly be done online. The problem with this is that most advisors have no idea how to cultivate online leads. Even though advisors have no idea what will work, it hasn’t stopped them from throwing money at online banner ads, Facebook ads, etc. (usually with little or no success).

                We hope to increase the success rate and lower the cost dramatically with this new online lead gen tool.

                 Simple and powerful!-if you had to design an online lead gen tool, can you think of a few terms that would make for a better tool? Simple and powerful.

OnPointe Investment Risk Quick Score App

                Simple-do clients of all kinds wonder how risky their current investments are? Yes! Anyone with money in stocks, mutual funds, indexes, etc. wonders deep down how risky they really are.

                The OnPointe Quick Score App allows consumers to instantly score investments that have ticker symbols.

                Powerful-the Quick Score App tells the user what the risk score is of each investment (on a scale of 1-100) and then shows them the drawdown chart of what happened to that investment over the last 10+ years (including the last stock market crash).

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Below is a picture of what a consumer would see if they scored the S&P 500 with the Quick Score App. It’s a real eye opener for most and will facilitate a discussion about the tools advisors can use to help clients mitigate or avoid risks with their money.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD