Online Lead Gen!

Marketing is tougher than ever today. The old school marketing tools don’t seem to be working. Seminars are expensive and are not working nearly as well as they used to.

Advisors struggle to find their footing when it comes to generating leads online. Most simply throw money at marketing firms with no real idea if it will work (pay and hope).

Question: Do you have ANY online marketing tools to help you capture leads online?

Question: Would you be interested in trying one that only costs $250 for the first 12 months?

If your answers are no then yes to the above two questions, then you should email and schedule a call to talk about the OnPointe online lead gen tool.

To watch an overview video of how the OnPointe lead gen tool (the quick score app) works, click here.

Try the OnPointe lead gen tool by clicking here.

What is the lead gen tool in a nutshell?

It’s an investment risk quick score widget you can put on your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc., so consumers can get an answer to a question that many wonder about on a daily basis.

What’s the question? How risky are their investments.

Consumers are invested in index funds like it’s no tomorrow. Some are in Apple, Google, etc. Consumers have no idea how risky their investments are, but as we continue into one of the longest positive cycles in the stock market in its history, many wonder when the next crash is coming and how their investment will fair.

The OnPointe Investment Risk Quick Score App is simple and powerful.  The following image is what a consumer will see if they score the S&P 500 index. The risk score is 69 and as they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and the drawdown chart in the bottom right says it all. The S&P 500 is a very risky investment.

Most consumers have a personal risk score of between 20-50.

What are you going to do different with your marketing?

Are you planning to try and generate leads online?

If so, how?

If so, how much will it cost?

Save yourself the trouble of wasting thousands of dollars with the so called marketing experts.  Instead give the OnPointe lead gen app a try (you really have nothing to lose at the insanely low price point).