Over the last many years a number of “sales” books have been published on EIUL (Equity Indexed Universal Life) and FIAs (Fixed Indexed Annuities). Most books in our industry are all the same. They are light on detail and fuzzy with their math. We believe such book, while they can help you make sales, are ones that should be avoided.

Why avoided? Because we believe in books that truly educate clients so they can make informed decisions before buying (a novel concept to many in our industry).

Retiring Without Risk (RWR)–RWR is hands down the best book available in our industry to educate and motive clients when it comes to cash value life (EIUL specifically) and FIAs (and FIAs with income riders).

Agents who are not fully up to speed on EIUL and FIAs should buy the book to educate themselves. If you’ve read the book, then you know what a powerful book it can be when using it as a tool to educate and motivate clients.

Writing the Foreward

We have an exclusive deal with the author of RWR that allows advisors licensed with us to put their name on the cover and their contact information in the book. This is one of the best marketing/credibility boosting tools an advisor can use when trying to pick up new clients.

The cost to put your name on the cover ranges from $5.00 per book to $7.00 per book (depending on how many your order). So stop handing out business cards and start handing out books with your name on the cover. For information on the other books you can write the Foreword for, click here.

If you are interested in writing the Forward to this book, e-mail info@strategicmp.net for more information.

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