Why I plan on failing more in 2020 and why you should too!

Before I get into the body of this newsletter, I wanted to let you know about a coaching program a buddy of mine offers. I recently reviewed it and it was outstanding. It touched a nerve in me and made me truly think about ways I could improve what I do (which is also rare because I rarely doubt myself).

The 12-Day Turnaround-this is a 12-day online video series put together by an advisor who has been there, done that. He’s been a million dollar producer and had his own RIA. He was wildly successful, but one day he rolled out of bed and said to himself that he wasn’t happy and wanted to chart a new course.

His multi-year journey to reinvent himself and become even more successful is the basis for the 12-day turnaround course he created.

Every day for 12 days you will receive a video link and links to a PDF that have material and exercises you can do to absorb and complete the mission at hand. What’s the mission? To give advisors new purpose and direction so they can go forth in 2020 and be the most successful they can be.

The videos are entertaining and thought-provoking. The PDFs are extremely useful and essentially force you to move forward in a new and better direction.

To learn more about this course that I believe will change the lives of those who go through it, click on the following link or the image below:

http://strategicmp.net/12-day-turnaround Why you should fail more in 2020since half the industry is on vacation this week, I thought I’d put out more of a philosophical newsletter than a substantive one. Think of the following saying as you read through the newsletter and think about yourself.

Show me a man who has never failed, and I’ll see a man who has never attempted anything.”

How often do I fail? EVERY DAY!

That begs the question which is what do I do for a living? Most of my revenue comes when advisors who read my newsletters want help with something or want to use one or more of my unique marketing tools.

For example, I’ve had nearly 2,000 advisors sign up to learn more about the “Best FIA IMOs Won’t Offer.” To learn about this product, click on the following link: http://best-fia-imos-wont-offer.com

When an advisor signs up to learn about this unique product, they are contacted by a strategic partner of mine (at an IMO) and if the advisor ends up working with the IMO, then I make a couple of bucks on the override.

OnPointe Risk Analyzer-a few years ago I also started a software company. OnPointe Risk Analyzer is the flagship program (it’s the best investment risk analyzer program in the market (much better than Riskalyze). To learn about OnPointe Risk Analyzer, click on the following link: https://onpointeriskanalyzer.com.

So, what do I do on a weekly basis? In a nutshell, I try to find ways to make myself valuable to advisors so they want to work with my strategic partners or use our OnPointe software.

While every week I have advisors come on board, there are many that have not. Therefore, I literally fail EVERY SINGLE day because I interact with advisors every day who I haven’t persuaded to come on board.

Do I ever get discouraged? No, I really don’t. I have a total belief in the fact that what I bring to the table with my team and OnPointe software is superior to what else is in the marketplace. Therefore, it’s not a matter of failure to me; it’s a matter of delayed success. If I work hard, if my offering is that good/unique, to me, it’s only a matter of time before an advisor sees the light.

Advisors are afraid to fail-because of my business model, I interact with thousands of advisors each year. I hear their complaints, their goals, and their fears, and I can state with confidence that the vast majority of the ones I talk with are afraid to fail.

 afraid to fail = lack of trying

Who’s successful? The advisors who call me and are not afraid to fail are the ones who are successful and ones I know will be successful in the future.

Excuses for not trying? Well, #1 is the fear of failure. But the common comments I hear are that the advisor doesn’t know what to do or what to try next that would allow them to fail and succeed.

To me, every excuse is a lazy man’s excuse.

The industry has resources to help advisors get on track. Most advisors who are failing are doing so mainly because they are not trying and have not looked for a mentor, coach, or sales platform they can use to help them become successful.

There is very little new in this industry. That means you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can copy others; you can learn from others.

Self-serving sales suggestion-If you want to grow your AUM, email me (roccy@strategicmp.net). I have what I believe to be the best and most unique platform in the industry. The concept behind it has helped advisors bring in over 1 billion dollars in AUM the last several years. If you are not 65 licensed, I highly recommend you check out www.pomplanning.net. If you use this platform you will grow your AUM significantly and it will also help you increase your fixed sales.

My New Year’s resolution? Mine will be to fail even more in 2020. The more I fail, the more I learn and the more I will succeed.

What’s your New Year’s resolution going to be?

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Roccy DeFrancesco, JD